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Creativity – nurture the nature

Tony Buzan’s presentation on the creativity crisis. This emphasises what I have been arguing for years, through such things as Whole Brain Learning, that unless we help people learn to learn first we are on a hiding to nothing in teaching curriculum. Learning cannot be …

Learning styles may be the emporer’s new clothes

Susan Greenfield, director of the Royal Institute, has thrown her weight behind the debunking the myth of learning styles. In an appallingly ill-informed introduction to an article in the Daily Telegraph, Julie Henry characterises learning styles based education as:
… children are considered to have different …

Social evils in the UK today

Now here’s an interesting one.
Evil’s a strong word, and a word that seems to belong to another era. Does any of the behaviour of modern British society cause enough misery that it deserves to be called a Social Evil?
When this popped up it made me …

University for all?

A campaign launches in the UK today which encourages school leavers, and particularly their parents, to think about alternatives to the “automatic” choice of a university degree course.
The campaign by the Edge Foundation suggests that whilst university may well be the best option for many …

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