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Peter Clitheroe FRSA

Peter Clitheroe braced on the Southwold cliff-top. (Photo: Sarah Groves)

Having been told that I didn’t have the right attitude to be a teacher I went off to get some proper grown-up, real-world experience … in the rock music business based in London and LA (yeah, yeah … I know … how real is Hollywood?).

My innate interest in learning led to a spell working with disaffected youfs preceded the move to independence (self-employment) mumble, mumble years ago, working in trainer training, qualifications development, research into the neuro-psychology of learning and consultancy in all things learning.

These days I’m pretty fully occupied with a diversity of work that includes:

  • developing tools to more usefully determine learning needs,
  • advising companies on the effective use of social networks in their business and
  • creating coherent communication strategies and¬†developing resources
  • advising clients on the use of on-line and digital media tools to make communication for learning and marketing accessible and engaging
  • developing occupational standards in partnership with key employers, practitioners and trainers ¬†and advising on their use in building business success.

I dedicate at least a day a week to my own professional development and a good deal more to voluntary projects such as:

  • developing a community pub company
  • working with other RSA Fellows on a project to help “raise the bar” of educational achievement in Suffolk.

I interact extensively with associates around the world in exploring aspects of learning and communicating in an age of unprecedented potential for global collaboration and for screwing up various body clocks coping with time-zones!

Finally, I’m pleased to say that I’m officially Suffolk ‘n’ Cool because that’s the name of my, frankly excellent, music-based podcast at suffolkandcool.com