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Our values are integral to the outcomes.

Integrity – “being honest and having strong moral principles”

Integral creates tailored client solutions from disciplines as diverse as learning programme design; resources authoring, editing and design; on-line learning environments and digital media production.

  • Collaboration between the independent specialists creates a solutions factory for our clients.
  • Whenever appropriate, independent colleagues around the world are invited in to bring their specific expertise “to the party”.
  • From a relatively simple learning package to complex communication strategies, we work with clients to find their solutions; not impose ours.
  • Our rural location near the Suffolk coast is no impediment to drawing on some of the best brains on the planet.

Our overall philosophy doesn’t really need an overblown mission statement. It’s simple:

  1. Do some good
  2. Make some money
  3. Have some fun.

If our philosophy resonates with yours, if could be the start of a fresh and exciting collaboration so please take a moment to get in touch – wherever in the world you are.

Integral / integrated – “necessary to make the whole complete; essential or fundamental”