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Capability Audit

What are your organisation’s real capability needs?

It may be that a new process, skill set or body of information that needs to be assimilated and used by colleagues; it could be that teams need to develop and deploy new ways of working together or it could be that just a single key concept needs to be put across clearly.

Factor in:

  • the existing knowledge that learners may already have,
  • the circumstances in which they work and learn,
  • the facilities and budgets available

and you probably have a unique set of circumstances which will require a specific solution.

The great learning styles myth

The great myth of “Preferred Learning Styles” being identified by simple tests has long been busted, but¬†experience has taught us that people learn about different topics most effectively in different ways at different times. There is no set answer but we’ll work with you to determine the optimum approach(es) to ensure that you have the capability you need when you need it.

It is vital to both of us that you get what you need Рthe most cost effective solution that will deliver what you need, when you need it, for the right people and  as efficiently as possible.

The journey to a satisfactory learning outcome starts with an accurate audit of required and current capacity. We can help you identify what is really needed so that your skills development budget is used to maximum effect.

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