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More completed projects

The list is long and these are just a few examples.

stacks_image_288_1The Learning for Work on-line learning environment was developed initially to complement an advanced skills course in teaching key skills and was extended to complement other training provision through the development of online communities of practice.

The site is build on a Moodle core and through an excellent hosting arrangement is able to house hundreds of individual courses at very low cost.

We are making our own courses available and are developing, hosting and maintaining Moodle learning environments for our clients.


Key-line is a web-based learning resource which we managed for the Key Skills Support Programme.


The 1500 Key-line members represented over half of UK training providers, had 24/7 access to information, learning modules and dedicated tutor support through a forum system.

In addition we created and sent a regular Members’ Mail (news and interest refreshment) by email to all members. We also researched and maintained a library of resources and useful links, all within the site.


stacks_image_296_1Guides to good practice and provider toolkits

Learning for Work managed the provision of support to training providers under the Key Skills Support Programme, on behalf of the Department for Education and Skills.

We worked with LfW for almost 8 years on the development of training support materials (Leading from the Top, Marketing Key Skills, Working with Employers, Preparing for the Key Skills Tests) and in co-authoring guides to good practice Working with Employers and The Application of Number.

The good practice guides and interactive CD-ROMs (e.g. Building key skills portfolios and the Initial assessment toolkit) that we co-developed have been exceptionally well received and have been reprinted at regular intervals since their original publication.


stacks_image_300_1National occupational standards – guidance

As well as our work in actually developing National Occupational Standards (which underpin NVQs) we authored a guidance document for standards developers across all sectors in the UK.

It was jointly published by the four regulatory bodies in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.