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Your own podcast

Your own regular podcast is a great way to encourage customer engagement and direct communication and is a brilliant medium for capability building, particularly among a dispersed team.
Your podcast doesn’t have to be fantastically complicated or expensive but it does have to engage your target audience.
We’ll work with you to develop your own branded podcast according to your needs and those of your potential audience
We’ve got most aspects covered but you’ll only buy what you need and it really doesn’t have to cost a lot.
Here’s the menu:
[  ] Video  [  ] Audio [  ] Enhanced audio (with pictures)
[  ] Full production to your requirements
[  ] Production planning: concept, storyboard, script
[  ] Professional Intros/Outros
[  ] Voice talent services
[  ] Physical hosting of files
[  ] Setting up the RSS feed to get your podcast to subscribers
[  ] Submissions to iTunes including artwork and tags
[  ] Post production editing
[  ] Custom/Dedicated website for the podcast
[  ] Initial Press Releases
[  ] Supporting documents that can also be fed to subscribers
[  ] Other marketing and promotion
[  ] Coaching and training for you or your team