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Your on-line presence

“I really should do something about the site”

When was the last time you reviewed your web content? Perhaps you don’t yet have a site that does you credit.

A new website or even a serious refresh of an existing site can be a really daunting thought and cost a lot of money but with our help, you can accomplish either – quickly, and affordably. What’s more, you’ll have a site that is easy to maintain, either doing it yourself or with our help.

It’s about effective communication … not just geekery!

Integral isn’t you typical geek set-up. In working with you, we are less interested in the technology than in the quality of communcation. That’s not to say we are non-technical, we have members of the team who are deeply talented in that side of things but only so that we and you can focus on the purpose of your on-line presence to achieve your goals.

It you are more concerned with reaching people, forging connections and building respect for your brand, we should talk.

We can help you transform your web presence, or set it up from scratch. By using and adapting templates (known as responsive themes) your site will not only look great but will automatically adapt to behave perfectly on phones and tablets as well as computer screens.

Keep it simple …

We could probably make more money commissioning highly trained developers to build (and periodically refresh) customised websites using dauntingly complex software (at considerable cost). But, in all conscience and for most clients, that simply isn’t necessary nor even desirable.

If you need a web presence that works well as a shop-window for your goods and/or services, that helps engage with potential customers and which you (or we) can easily update from anywhere in the world, there is a much better answer.

WordpressWe specialise in the relatively simple and easily maintained WordPress platform.

WordPress is now used for a massive 17% of all websites. CNN, and Forbes run global web operations on WordPress. UK users of WordPress range from Downing Street to Usain Bolt!

Locally, Adnams of Southwold have their site running on WordPress. These people aren’t using WordPress because it is free (although it is) but because it offers a clean, easily maintained platform for blog and all the usual site content in one place that is totally integrated.

The Suffolk’n’Cool site uses the same WordPress theme as this one and yet, the look is quite distinct.

At last, an affordable platform upon which, together, we can present great content to show your organisation in the best possible light AND forge all-important relationships with customers, users and potential sales leads.

Through our own team of WordPress developers have the capacity to build custom features into your site to give just the functionality you want.

WIth Integral and WordPress on your side, you’ll have an easily navigated, well structured site with great content that helps you come out well in search engines such as Google.

Take the first step – discover more about how we can help you build business