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Real World Social Media

jesusSpaces such as Facebook and Twitter are the places where discussion about brands happen, mostly because it is easy.

When something good (or bad) happens it is in human nature to want to tell someone. A couple of clicks and contact is made with family, friends or whole communities. It doesn’t matter whether people are available; they will be. Let the conversations commence.

Most organisations can be sure of one thing, people are talking about them. It it’s positive, that’s great, if it’s negative that’s bad and you need to be in that on-line space to know about it and to engage with the issues.You’ll hear people concerned or boasting about how many Twitter followers and Facebook friends they have. Don’t sweat it.

What matters is the quality of engagement and relationships.

Don’t build links; build relationships. (Rand Fishkin)


Used strategically and intelligently, social media can give a fantastic return on modest investment.

Used in an ad hoc way with little regard to purpose or effect, it can drain resources, damage reputation, and act as a barrier to customers.

We advise organisations, large and small, on the intelligent and viable use of social media to enhance their brand, to help provide great customer service and to engage with contacts and customers.

Ask about how we can help you make sense (and good use) of social media in your business.