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Social evils in the UK today

Now here’s an interesting one.

Evil’s a strong word, and a word that seems to belong to another era. Does any of the behaviour of modern British society cause enough misery that it deserves to be called a Social Evil?

When this popped up it made me think … hard.

I suppose quite a few things might be considered “evil” but what differentiates a social evil from just any old evil? It sems too easy to slip into thinking abut evils in either totally abstract terms (such as poverty, war, disease) or list current preoccupations such as terrorism or street crime. Some might even be tempted to ascribe the term social evil to specific groups – there’s always been one marginalised group, Teddy boys, Mods, skinheads, punks, new-age travellers or hoodies to name but a few from the time-line.

If you re thinking about what epitomises social evil for you, the Joseph Rowntree Foundation want to know about your thoughts. They have a very simple response form which they’d really like you to complete, anonymously . It’ll be interesting to see how they analyse the results! See www.socialevils.org.uk/

If you want to be a bit less anonymous, you can always copy your response as a reply to this post and let off a bit of steam about what you thin are social evils in the UK today.

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