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Are we going too far for the “beta generation”

Karyn Romeis raised some excellent points in her blog about “The Beta Generation”, which set me wondering whether circumstances shift so fast that processes to develop learning solutions can keep up neither with the issue they were supposed to address nor with the environment in …

Virtual classroom for free

I’ve been making some good use of the Elluminate V-room facility, a secure virtual room with voice and video communication, chat room, interactive whiteboard and application sharing. It is free but the limit of three participants (including the moderator) limits the functionality for anything but …

Social networking mashup

Social networking mashup

I had my first experience of a flash-mob last night. My daughter had received a forwarded text message (SMS) advising that a bunch of people might well be meeting up on the steps of St Paul’s Cathedral in London for a short dance party at …

The web, Web 2.0, Web 3D – can educators keep up?

From a straw poll of institutions with which we work it would appear that only a minority of “teachers” make any significant use of the “read-only” Internet to carry out the basic functions of “looking stuff up”.
It will be surprise that a tiny percentage are …

Blackboard looking worse for wear?

The Blackboard learning management system is looking decidedly uncomfortable after the pounding it has taken from large parts of the on-line learning sector over the past few days.
Trouble started when Blackboard sought, and was awarded, a US patent apparently covering most of what is widely …

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