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Are we going too far for the “beta generation”

Karyn Romeis raised some excellent points in her blog about “The Beta Generation”, which set me wondering whether circumstances shift so fast that processes to develop learning solutions can keep up neither with the issue they were supposed to address nor with the environment in which the issue is set.

I wonder whether because we have such sophisticated tools with which to create magnificently designed, crafted and polished solutions, that we simply spend too much time on them and get side-tracked by the possible enhancements to the original solution that we effectively “lose the plot” and don’t see that the situation has changed already.

I also wonder whether we actually develop solutions too far. I know that I am afflicted by that tendency. Perhaps this is an age where younger people (generalising here) expect the media they consume to be pretty good looking we feel that we have to add that quality all the way through all our solutions too – to make them palatable to savvy media consumers.

I wonder, then, if we might be right in that consumers do like resources to give them a “Wow” moment, but perhaps we could trade off some of our all-singing / all finished mindset to create the foundation with the wow and then build in tools whereby learners themselves can pick up the ball to get involved and continue building the solution in collaboration with us as an important part of the learning process.

It may well be a hard sell to older generations and to corporate clients who generally like complete solutions but it would be interesting to explore the possibilities. Could it be that some might also be happy to operate in a Beta world?

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