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Our work


Founded in 1985 by Peter Clitheroe as the vehicle for his freelance career in work-related learning.

Integral is a boutique operation offering flexibility and personal attention.

Integral works with a variety of associates in the UK and overseas to deliver what’s needed.

We have undertaken a wide range of work, often working at the cutting edge of new approaches which in their time were considered highly innovative. The price of success is that many of them that become accepted as best practice look less ground-breaking today 🙂

The sheer variety of our work keeps it fresh and interesting. We also get to work with some great people.

It may be a self-fulfilling prophecy but our clients often seem to appreciate our core values and philosophy and the freshness of approach that we offer.

Learning events and materials development has been at the core of our work for many years. The nature of courses has evolved over time from handouts and OHP acetates to on-line learning environments and interactive presentations but the principles of learner engagement and participation remain paramount. We just have a more varied palette from which to draw these days – and it is very exciting.

Research and consultancy is an important aspect of our work. We have the experience, skills and people to undertake very effective research and, of course, it keeps us alert to changing perceptions, trends and environments. Being on the ball helps us with most other aspects of our consultancy and development work.

Our experience and awareness of the current issues enable us to offer valuable and credible consultancy to clients across a host of HR and communications issues.

Occupational standards help build an accurate and current picture of what competence in job roles entails. This can be of huge value in skills audits, recruitment and planning training. It isn’t just in time of tight budgets that it makes sense to target training exactly where it is needed. It is a great motivator to learners to feel that what they are learning about has real relevance to their current and future roles.

Media production methods change at a fantastic rate. We were in at the beginning of digital video recording. It wasn’t actually that long ago but has become so ubiquitous that it feels as though it has been around forever.

Along with the skills and experience, our in-house facilities allow us to create, edit and serve digital content tailored to your precise needs.


We are always interested in new challenges. If you are facing a challenge and would like to have a chat about how we might be able to work together on a tailored solution for you, please get in touch.